Who does not watch videos on Youtube nowdays?

Although there are other platforms (including here by Steem, Dlive and Dtube), for better or worst, youtub is still the most popular video platform.

And for that reason, the quality of videos ranges from complete shit to amazing pearls. And eventually I end up finding a channel that I think deserves a much bigger audience.

So I will start to share with you whenever I find a channel that I think presents an interesting subject and presented with quality.

The first channel I'm going to share is a dude named Fredrik Knudsen, which the Youtube algorithm ended up putting in front of me.

The main videos of this channel are titled Down the Rabbit Hole in a clear reference to the story of Alice in Wonderland.

In these videos, Frederik delves into the most obscure subjects, be they Internet or not, such as:

Mother Horse Eyes - The exploration of how a reddit user started posting bizarre messages in response to other topics involving alleged bizarre experiences that took place around the world and what the meaning behind those stories is.

Neopets - A visit to the history of an old game on the internet that came out well in its inception and ended up becoming one of the most popular games, and what happened to it.

The Collyer Brothers - The bizarre story of two New York siblings who hid from the outside world, locking themselves in the house, and accumulating a vastness of "junk" inside it.

And many other interesting stories with well-produced videos.

If you have an interest in bizarre and obscure stories, this is a channel worth following.

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