I have to say, i didn't expect this right now.


It seems that a second dump started for the HIVE token as soon as this week started, with another 15% drop, while STEEM was kind of stable.

Maybe the "100 STEEM" thing is making people more optimistic about what Steemit Inc. will do?

Still soon to say, but so far, the only things announced were the announcement itself, a "bump" on the road, and a weird curation project, where the keys of certain accounts would be given to some people chosen by Steemit inc.

Will this curation model work? Who knows...

But what i know is that HIVE witness and Developers really need to start focusing on improving the platform instead of coming everyday to Steem looking for post to prove that they are right.

SPOILER: Doing that kind of thing won't acomplish much...


Now, things are even worst on the Token backed dollars for HIVE.

While HBD was close to 1 USD, a dump followed the HIVE one, making it lose almost half the value.

Now, let's look at another interesting data:

Everyday, @penguinpablo posts an update of the activitey of both blockchains. If you like data, you should follow him.

Now, let's put the weekly number of posts and comments side by side for both chains:


Date Posts
2020-13 110,417
2020-12 126,283
2020-11 177,834
2020-10 198,915
2020-09 209,028
2020-08 222,645
2020-07 238,673
2020-06 247,345


Date Posts
2020-04-05 13,280
2020-04-04 12,039
2020-04-03 13,207
2020-04-02 12,397
2020-04-01 14,362
2020-03-31 13,370
2020-03-30 12,641
2020-03-29 12,791

Well, it looks like Steem activity is still way beyond Hive.

This again, is another signal for witness and developers to cut their bullshit, stop worrying about their own assess and do something that actually will be benefitial for the platform and the whole community.

So far, the best they could come up with is "let's change how rewards work"

Wasn't the governance and possibility of another blockchain attack the main issue of the chain?