Along the years since i started to write around here, i did a little series called "Random Coin on the Week", where i chose a criptocurrency at random and looked learned a bit more about them, mostly out of curiosity, due to the huge amount of projects that exists, but also as a way to try to find hidden cryptocurrency gems.

On the next days i will start another serie of posts, similar to what i did with the "Random Coin of the Week", but focusing more on cryptos than can generate yield (Check my latest article to understand better what i am talking about).

So, as a reference, here is the list of every coin i wrote about.

See you soon!

#14 - Chimpion (BNANA)
#13 - Galilel (GALI)
#12.1 - An update about what happened to the projects i covered in the past
#12 - XMAX (XMX)
#11 - TeslaCoilCoin (TESLA)
#10 - Paypie (PPP)
#9 - Experience Points (XP)
#8 - CargoX (CXO)
#7 - Vertcoin (VTC)
#6 - Bigbom (BBO)
#5 - WavesGo (WGO)
#4 - BABB (BAX)
#3 - Swisscoin (SIC)
#1 - DADI