Looks like things took a turn this week:


As you can see above, after the Hive dump happened after BITTREX opening the withdraws and deposits, looks like HIVE price is still dropping.

STEEM, on the other hand, on the last 24 hours, made a big spike, recovering 15% of it's price, since HIVE launch.

The only relevant thing i found on the last hours was this announcement by Steemit Inc:

Basically, it says for the next 100 days, something will be announced:

Under the 100 Days of Steem project we will be making a new announcement every single day for the next one hundred days.

That will be... interesting. That could mean 100 new features coming, or 100 gibberish announcements only aiming to pump the price further.

Another "wait and see" moment. This can go really good or rally bad for STEEM.

On the HIVE side though... not much is happening.

All dapps developers and witnessess posting their updates, and still around steemit being kind of butthurt about what happened.

(If any of you doing that is reading this, please: Just move on, and go make HIVE better than STEEM)



Not much happening here, but both Tokens looks kind of stable.


I want to talk a bit about volume too, because this is another really interesting piece of data. Here is the daily volume of both tokens on BITTREX:





What is interestin to see here is that the average volume of STEEM is around double the volume of HIVE.

Again, it is still too early to predict how anything will turn out, but keeping an eye how this data will evolve might be an interesting indicator of the future of each platform.

See you around.