A few days ago, Bittrex opened deposits for HIVE on their platform.

How this impacted the price?


A whooping 42% drop on price.

This wasn't unexpected, since until that moment, there was no way to trade HIVE on the open market, and you could only convert it through blocktrades.

Interesting enough, STEEM trade were also blocked for some time (with exchanges being open to deposits and withdraws only a few days earlier than HIVE on Bittrex), but STEEM price only dropped 12%

Now, since HIVE launch, both tokens are still on the red, and now have a much closer value.

Let's wait the next moves and watch how this develop.

On the Token Backed Dollar side:


Not much difference between both assets, but SBD seems to have become a bit more stable than HBD, probably due to HBD having a lower volume on the trading books.

See you all soon.