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Greetings everyone! The Steem Project of the Week is back, always to introduce you to a project based on the Steem blockchain, randomly chosen from Steem Projects

Today's randomly picked project is Steem Alerts.

What is the project

Steem Alerts is a Python and open-source project (github where you can set up alert messages sent via sms to your phone when STEEM reaches a certain price.

How to use

Unfortunately this is a dead project and is no longer updated, as it is written on the github page.

However, the project code is still available there, so if you are a developer who was interested in the idea, just go there to tinker with the code.

Project Builders / Developers

The @zcgolf16 developer blog here at Steemit has not updated for more than 9 months.

My Project Evaluation

Honestly, I find it something completely unnecessary. Many price chart services already have some sort of alert, so there's no need for something like that.

However, if you code, or want to learn how to code in python for Steemit, maybe it is worth taking a look at the code to understand some more possible interactions with the blockchain.

This week's draft has not yielded much ... what will await us next?

2018-06-06 (3) .png

Steemfilter, by @vitkolesnik

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