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What is and what is the proposal

What if you were paid to play your favorite game?

The concept of XP coin is exactly that. Recieve XP coins while you perform common day-to-day activities such as playing video games, sports, and any other activity, and then use those currencies to make purchases online or in-game.

In addition to that, XP runs through Proof-of-Stake, where accumulating coins in a wallet allows you to participate in processing transactions that occur on the network, and receive more coins as a reward.

Since gaming characters gain experience points (XP), why not bring the concept to the real world?


The concept of receiving cryptocoins has been tested by the project, where you can participate by creating an account on the site XP gaming Rewards, register an XP wallet and your game account (Xbox or Steem), and receive XP Coins while playing your favorite game.

But it does not seem to be working... I signed up for my Steem account there, but after some gaming time, so far no pennies have droped on my account.


Looking at the community discord (which despite being a relatively unknown project, the community seems very active) I discovered that it is necessary to have played at least 6 hours in each game to start receiving coins ... Let's see what happens ...

In addition, there are two projects underway to distribute XP Coins:

  • In conjunction with the SETI at home project, a project of more than 10 years in which you can connect your computer to the network SETI (a project that search for extra-terrestrial life) to assist in data processing and receive XP Coins for this.

  • Join the world community grid that performs the same process as SETI, but by donating your computer's processing to resolve cancers.

But what about after joining some XPs what do they do with them?

In addition to selling at exchanges (where you do not have a very expressive volume), you can use them to pay off some overdue accounts or to buy some product online through the Kamoney website (which also accepts other crypto-coins).

I mean...

As soon as the maintenance is finished ...

Transaction Processing

It have a blockchain of its own, processing transactions through Proof-of-Stake

Cryptographic Algorithm




What a wonderful idea, no? Receive some money while playing games...

In theory we would live in an ideal world where every one of our actions would generate a financial return (maybe in the distant future).

In addition to that, the two projects in progress (SETI and world community grid) have an interesting concept, where instead of using the processing power of your computer to mine cryptocurrencies only with the ultimate goal of generating more cryptocurrencies (and keep the network safe at the same time) , you would be performing a similar process to help scientific causes.

Although it is not a cryptocurrency that is in the spotlight, and does not have a very high market value, there are very interesting concepts behind this project.

In addition, the project has a small but very active community, which is always a plus for any crypto.

I would say it is one of those projects to keep an eye on what can happen ...

Next Week:

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