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Startinng date of markets trading


What is it and what is the proposal

Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem.

Needless to say, the advertising market moves billions of dollars around the world, and that advertising is usually done through a contract between two parties, one being the advertiser, the other the agency / platform where the advertisement will be served .

The BigBom project proposes to use the Ethereum network using Dapps (decentralized applications) and Smart Contracts to allow negotiation between advertiser and ad serving platform.

Using the BBO token, the advertiser has access to the "market" of the BBO ecosystem, where ad platforms also have access to sell their ad space.

To perform the negotiation, the advertiser locks up their tokens on the Bigbom platform in a smart contract, which is released to the ad platform automatically after verifying the execution of the terms of the contract.

The promise is that this system will allow both parties:

  • Low cost for advertisers
  • Ease of choosing partnerships
  • Security
  • Ready to negotiate with crypto-coins

The team

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Code Type

The Bigbom github displays the codes used on the platform.


ICO was finalized last month, and the Alpha release of the market is forecast for October this year.

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You can access the market model directly from official page, where you can get an idea of ​​how the whole system will work.

Transaction Processing

Ethereum Network

Whitepaper Highlights

Ad market issues

Whitepaper raises the main problems that ad market participants face as the basis for the reason for the Token's existence:

  • Buyers: Spend a lot of time searching for ad services and have no tools to evaluate the effectiveness of services
  • Sellers: There is a risk of not being paid.


The project aims to develop a parallel solution (a second layer of transaction processing) to the Ethereum network, to tackle scalability problems, and to allow atomic swaps (performing transactions with different crypto-coins at the input and output)

Market expansion

Below is the platform reach expansion plan based on the amount of capital.

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Business Model and Execution Plan

This is a very interesting point of the Whitepaper, because it is something very rare to see in the projects that already exist.

Here is very well detailed how Bigbom will use the funds over the 3-5 years.


To me, it seems obvious to me the usefulness of blockchains and smart contracts in the digital advertising market, after all often the contracting of the display of the ads, and the reports of these exhibitions happen mainly on the platform of the exhibition services.

An ecosystem that allows this interaction reliably, as is possible in a blockchain, has a great potential to bring great improvements in this market.

However, another major problem is the quality of the ad and the actual reach of the ads showing. The possibility of evaluation of both parties allows better transparency, and theoretically, allows the best services are always highlighted.

Another extremely positive point is how the Whitepaper presents not only the technology but also the entire business plan.

Although ICO has already been finalized, I believe it's worth keeping an eye on this token ...

In the next week we will talk about:

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