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What is and what is the proposal

Before we talk about WavesGo we need to talk a bit about the Waves platform.

The idea of ​​the waves project is to be a platform that facilitates the creation, emission, negotiation and custody of digital assets. That is, it is a base platform for creating tokens in a blockchain, similar to Ethereum, with transactions being performed through proof-of-stake.

Released on 04/01/2017 WavesGo is the official Waves blockchain explorer, and according to [official announcement in the bitcointalk forum]( /index.php?topic=2190607.0), in addition to exploring the waves blockchain and its tokens, you can check statistics, use a faucet (which I could not use because I always recieved an error), participate in a mining pool as other functions.

The WGO token will be used to pay for services provided by the WaveGo site, including:

  • Pay for the display of ads on the site
  • Payment to use the Faucet and Mining Pool Code
  • Advanced access to the site API
  • Other possible projects


The team's official twitters can be found in the announcement in the bitcointalk forum, and all feature some activity.

Code Type

I was unable to locate an open-source site or token code, and as I said earlier, WavesGO can provide the faucet or mining pool code through a payment with WGO.


The blockchain explorer site WavesGo is already fully operational, where you can check the transactions of both WAVES and tokens created on the platform.

In addition to the explorer, you can view statistics about the waves blockchain, such as the number of accounts that exist, the accounts with the most funds, and the number of transactions in the last 24 hours

The platform also has an area that displays ICOs of tokens created on the waves platform that are active or will start.

The other product that is available on the site is what I found most interesting, and is actually a feature of Waves blockchain, but it is a service available at WavesGo.

The Waves platform performs transaction processing through a proof-of-stake protocol, where anyone could run a full-node to participate in the network mining process, and the larger the amount of Waves the person has, the greater the probability of being chosen for the processing of the transactions and consequently, receiving the reward of the block.

The interesting feature of this transaction processing is that to participate in the mining you do not necessarily have to have a server running the full-node. At the Waves Blockchain, using a lite wallet you can "lease" your waves for mining, and you will receive a share of the rewards generated by processed transactions.

WavesGo offers a mining pool for which you can "lend" your Waves and receive a share of the rewards, with no minimum amount to participate.

By making this loan you will receive WAVES, MRT (Miners Reward Tokens), and WGO (for a limited time)

The "loan" can be made directly from the waves wallet, just use the Leasing page and enter the address of WavesGo. (You can create a wallet here or download the desktop client directly from the [waves website] (

2018-06-04 (1) .png

Transaction Processing

Proof-of-stake through the Waves blockchain

Whitepaper Highlights

The whitepaper presents very basic information and contains a simple description of what WGO is and how it will be used.


WavesGo does not have anything very "revolutionary" because it is basically a blockchain explorer site, with a token that is used to purchase services on that site, such as ads. Let's say it does his job.

But the really interesting part is the possibility of participating in the mining pool because it allows anyone to have a return on investment without the need to run a full-node for mining.

Probably will buy some waves and participate in this mining...

This concludes this week random coin, and stay tuned, because next monday i wil talk about:


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