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Welcome & Be Prepared to Be Innovative

This is how you are received when you enter the bizarre TeslaCoilCoin page.

It seems promising.. What will this great innovation be promised?

A cryptocoin that bears the name of Nikola Tesla


Only that. An innovation so great that it is absurd that this coin has a volume of just $ 4.5 Dollars ... /s


A Bitcoin-based crytptocoin, which uses the Omni Layer. (Incidentally, it's the only interesting part. I'll tell you a bit about the Omni Layer a little further on)

Transaction Processing

Omni Layer

Cryptographic Algorithm

Omni Layer


Whitepaper? What is a Whitepaper?


Here is the classic definition of a ShitCoin.

I do not have much to talk about here about this coin itself, but something caught my attention.

I discovered that this currency was created through Omni Layer which is a platform for the purpose of functioning as an asset creation on the bitcoin network.

Do you know the main asset that Omni Layer uses? The controversial Tether (USDT).

It would be like bringing the functionality proposed by the Ethereum network (Smart-contracts) to the Bitcoin network.

I did not had the time to fully understand how it works, but it seems to be a very interesting subject...

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