So, i recieved a really nice email from the LBRY team today:

For a limited time, they are offering old users from the platform a link to invite new people to the platform and giving 50 LBC to those that create an account using the link below:

Join LBRY now!

Interesting project? Yes
Decentralized Youtube alternative? Yes
Decentralized content beyond Videos? Also Yes
Free money? Not much, but Yes

So what are you waiting for? Just click here, create an LBRY account, and earn 50 LBC

I just don't know for hwo long they will keep this promotion up.

About LBRY

I will write a more detailed article in the future about it, but here is quick explanation.

The LBRY project is probably on of the first blockchains that wanted to solve the problem of centralized content.

Running on it's own blockchain, LBRY is actually a Proof-of-Work blockchain (So you can mine LBRY coins if you want), and have it's own app of content distribution (But you can access it on web browsers too).

For content creators, they can post their videos for free, receiving LBC coins as tips, or they can put a price per view on their content.

It's worthing checking it out, Especially when you can get 50 LBC just for joining. You will also recieve some LBC while using the content platform to watch videos.

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