After the rant of my last post here, my mind cleared up a bit and some new ideas came up. As I reorganize my life, including Steemit here, making a plan of things I intend to write about, I'm going to test out a new idea I've had these days.

This idea came about after writing Criptopedia articles about Coinmarketcap's top 5 coins, and when I was updating my portfolio of Crypto (I use the Cointracking) and was watching and the world of coins acquired through airdrops and faucets . Nothing that made me richer, but it made me more curious.

At Coinmarketcap there are registered today a total of 1575 crypto coins.

Of these, about 284 are apparently dead, with no trading volume recorded.

But what is the story of all these 1575 coins? How did they come about? What are they for? Are they really dead?

And I, good curious that I am, and sort of a fan of random choices, I intend to start a series, to kill my curiosity and probably the curiosity of some of you too.

I will generate a random number on and the number that is generated will be the currency that I will investigate in the week.

Maybe I will find a coin that will moon soon?

And to begin with, the first random number that I will investigate is:

4/18/2018 (10).png

18.04.2018 (12) .png

I hope to return soon to my normal writing program.

Hugs to all!