What? You are entering the world of cryptocoins and blockchains and don´t know Andreas Antonopoulos?


I doubt that you who are using Steemit do not understand how Bitcoin works, but watch the video below:

Understood? Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the biggest advertisers / "authority" about Bitcoin.

His channel on Youtube contains many lectures given by him around the world, presenting and explaining everything about Bitcoin, to all levels of knowledge: from the most basic to complicated and controversial issues like the Lightning Network.

Still in doubt about the revolution that is Bitcoin? Try to see this sequence of videos where he explains the "The Internet of Money"

Since not only of Bitcoin lives the cryptocoins, he always puts in discussion other projects of cryptocoinslike the Ethereum:

He even has an account with steemit @aantonoup, but apparently he does not seem very interested in publishing anything here ...

Anyway, if you have an interest in cryptocoins that goes beyond the price, or the future "lambo" you are going to buy, this is a guy that is worth listening to...

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