As I said in the first episode of this series, youtube is a land that is populated by wannabe stars bathing in bathtubs full of Nutella.

But there is also a lot of true quality stuff there that more people should watch.

Today I present to you the channel Because Science

In this pop culture-populated world, if you have something of a nerd like me (who does not have it today?) maybe you've wondered what it would be like to be invisible in the real world?

Or have you wondered why Stormtroopers use armor, since in every Star Wars movie we watched, they are quickly killed by the laser(plasma?) weapons that the heroes carry?

Maybe while watching the movie Jurassic Park wondered if it would be possible to survive an encounter with a T-Rex?

These are some of the questions that are asked in this channel, which attempts to apply real-world scientific concepts to these hypothetical questions related to what we consume in our entertainment hour.

Maybe it will not change your life, but you can learn a little bit of science, and have fun with several interesting possibilities ...

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