I have talked about this issue that exists here on Steem a few times in the past, and i still stick to my conclusion:

STEEM is not attractive to professional content creators (or those that want to become one)

Consider professional content creators those people that are already publishing on an established on a platform and already have a big audience, like for example, the king of Youtube PewDiePie.

The main reason for this is the 7 day payout window for all the content published here.

Because who would be insane enough to publish on a platform days of efforts and cost to only have 7 days to be paid for that work?

That is why the kind of content you keep seeing around is from amateurs (me included) and/or quick and easy content.

(There is also the unfair distribution of SP, but that is a story for another day)

Talking about PewDiePie, i just remebered the outrage that happened around here when Dlive packed up and moved the project to another blockchain.

How dare they abandon this amazing blockchain and go to another one? How ungrateful they are!

Well, guess what? They were smart. One of the things they probably realized was that no one would be interested to join Dlive here on Steemit because of this small payout window.

Think they are not smart? Guess who they were able to convince (probably paid something) to join their platform? It's PewDiePie

Anyway, what is even more amazing on this whole payout history is that it seems that every witnesss don't see this as a problem. They think that everything is fine...

But sometimes there is hope. @midlet just published today another possible solution to address the payout window problem.

If you don't want to read it (but i think you should), here is a resume of his suggestion:

  • When you resteem an article, you would be able to write a comment as your own, making it a new post.
  • Then, this resteem post would enter the blockchain as usual, as if you had created a new post, open to recieve rewards for 7 days
  • But, the payout would automatically set as 80% for the original author.
  • Therefore, the more popular a content get, the more the original author is rewarded.

I just would like to add a few lines to his suggestion:

  • Yes, abuse could be a problem with socket puppet accounts could be used to extend a circle-voting system. But his could be mitigated with a system that allowed the community to "flag" these malicious reesteems, cutting the reward from both resteemer and author.
  • Only one resteem per account should be allowed
  • As an incentive from the authors to have their content reach more people, there could be an option for the author to auto-upvote these resteems (quick idea, could have bad implications)

And there is a lot of other things that could be improved on this system.


Add a tipping option the front-ends (another @midlet idea)


It is amazing how the top witness seems to turn a blind eye on this issue. It doesn't matter how much the STEEM blockchain evolves, and more and more apps get built on top of it (wich i think is amazing), the social platform layer will always be around.

And this social layer is the foundation of Steem, so, unless there is improvements on this side, it will probably grow at a slower rate.

Thank you for you attention, and i hope this message somehow reach the top witnessess and they start to seriously discuss this matter.

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